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Many believe that the Forex trading game. This is partly true, but unlike the game of Forex trading is a real opportunity to earn a living. Investments in the currency market do not require deep mathematical knowledge, but in Analytics trader should understand. One of the most important abilities - the ability to interpret the news.

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This happened when I first time was in Las Vegas, first time played by the method of martingale, and my eyes more than three hours, was riveted to the flashing roulette wheel. And when, eventually, the whispers behind his back, I turned around and saw the crowd, indiscriminate a lot of people in suspense watching the game. It was a shock. I had not realized what the magical power of the betting system has on the crowd of gamblers. How they are doing? - someone whispered. Great. They are on the way to the win. I caught the faint smile standing next to a young blonde in a mink Cape. And it's in the desert, in the heat of July in 120 degree. The madness of the crowd...And not only that, hearing about the prize was incorrect. We much lost, and have already had several series at 3, 4 and 5 and some at a loss. I looked at my best friend he had the hands of a gambler, so he placed the bet, while I performed the calculations and nodded. He took out the last of our money, three crisp new hundred-dollar bills, and threw them on the table. Our College dreams about a summer vacation in Mexico city, on the sea at Mazatlan it was now in the power of martingale. In the end, the power of martingale prevailed. We played a few hours, most of the night, and our patience, discipline and, above all, faith and we are nothing more had turned into reality the implementation of children's dreams, a foreign coast the green-blue of the Pacific Ocean. Since then, the martingale method used by me many times in different countries, but I haven't forgotten the feeling of joy caused by the first experience in Las Vegas. I can still feel the tension behind me watching the crowd and their own fear. Contrary to legend, martingale method named not in honor of the gambler who founded the system. The term martingale is a metaphor, the main value of which - the clamp in the harness that prevents the horse throwing back his head. The second value is the fragments of the standing rigging of the ship, serve to strengthen the bowsprit and jib on the strength of the front stays. Both metaphors span the basis of the method martingale: it allows a person to apply a larger force than that which he is capable of. When you play roulette data forces are the odds of winning - 53 loss per 100 revs. The etymology of the word comes from Martigue, region of Provence in southern France, whose natives buttoned his pants back and imposed other customs that differ from the customs of their neighbors, which led to constant ridicule them: a la martingale means absurd demeanor. Are you confident that you can be as crazy, doubling the bet after each loss? Or not? Simple and complex Direct martingale method has two forms, simple and complex. A simple form requires doubling your bet after each loss, so that winning once you compensate the amount you originally placed at risk. If you have a bet$ 10 and lose, then the next bet will be 20$, then, after you lose 40$, then 80$. A winning rate of 80$ will compensate all your loss was $10 plus $20 plus $40 and leaves you with a win of $10, the amount that you wagered in the beginning. You lost three times and won only once, but now you become richer. Therein lies the beauty of the method of martingale. However, in this simple method of martingale there are two main problems. First, making an even bet when playing roulette red, black; high, low; non-standard, even, you must face the probability of losing 10 times in a row. This means that with an initial bet of $10, the eleventh in the game you must risk $10240 to get back and $10. Secondly, for most gaming rigs, the bet amount is limited, so you will not be able to compensate for two losses in a row; even if you have excess cash, simple martingale method on such operations are not capable of. On the other hand, a complex method of martingale looking for opportunities to get around interference. Instead of doubling your bet after each loss, as in the simple method of martingale, a little increase it by 40%, avoiding, thus, the restrictions and the risk that huge amounts of little benefit. The complex martingale method requires a lot of patience; not one, but many good moves return you luck. This is the only way that can work a complex method of martingale. Save the scorecard, which detailed your wins and losses, and treat every game as a single bet and as part of a series. Each episode ends when the winnings exceed the losses (see Martingale Money Management", Stocks & Commodities, July 1988). Let's say that you risk $10, and as the continuation of the game suffering three losses in a row and then win two times.

You won twice, lost three times, but doubled his original bet of $10. You cheated fortune. Winning only 40% of trades guaranteed profits. The futures market sets the odds of winning only indirectly. There are numerous systems with their chances of winning, which cannot affect the market and to model it adequately. Here a complex martingale method detects its own advantages. After the first two transactions, the amount at risk, less than in the simple method of martingale. Next, note that transactions can always stay young and be within the specified limits. If the last value on the card is too big, it can be broken into parts ($50, for example, can be turned into two separate bets of $20 and $30). Therefore, the speculator can control the amount bet and can withstand long rapid movements, which are the curse of the simple method of martingale. If we were blessed with unlimited resources and opportunities, the martingale method would be predominant. Therefore, identifying the analogy between the futures market and the basis for the speculative game, I wanted to use the method of martingale. Bet on futures in the game of roulette the odds of winning are determined by the wheel rotation and slide of the ball, by using physical laws. The futures market sets the odds of winning indirectly. There are numerous systems with their chances of winning, which cannot affect the market and to model it adequately. As a result, the odds change from system to system. Martingale method depends on an accurate assessment of the chances on each game. This problem, incidentally, created a lot of controversy because Peter Eliason's Tactical Stock Trading System (tactical system stock trading Elson) (see Stocks &Commodities, March 1989). If you can be selected the shares of the price which is not strongly reduced, then the logic of the method of Elson can be supported. If the chances of a rise in the price of shares after each purchase closer to 50/50, then the martingale method will work. But stock-picking is beyond the scope of the terms and must precede the application of the method of martingale. Martingale method can be compared to a field commander. He can't choose a war or even a campaign, but may choose the area of attack and tactics. That is a bet on the futures markets? At first I equated a bid to the contract. But when I got a desire to trade index Standard and Poor's 500-stock, I have calculated the required margin for the nine contracts and to spend so much it was impossible. Moreover, in reality, the rate can not be equated to the margin. At the roulette table you bet and win or lose the exact bet amount. But in the futures markets your winnings and losses seldom will be equal to the margin. In addition, martingale method requires a clear definition of risk because it focuses its energies against him. It was decided that the rate should not be equal to the margin, and average loss ratio of the system. A more conservative measure would be the average of the three maximum losses, but I thought it would be too strict. I also came to the conclusion that the obvious risk system (thehidden risk, which itself changes the nature of the market will be considered later) can be measured won and lost with dollars, an average of 100 transactions. If the average loss is $1000 and the average win also, and for the two transactions was one win and one loss, the odds of winning will be 50/50 in this case, these metrics are more acceptable than for roulette. There would be a gain of 50$ and a net loss of$ 50 on every resold 100$. So I was determined the amount of the bet when the obvious odds (margin is seen as something self-evident as if you need to have $10,000 cash to place bets of $100), and then you can apply the martingale method. Transformation of the data in the above definitions, martingale method can easily transform a losing system into a winning one. Consider a system with the following characteristics: Average loss = $1000 winnings = $2000 wins: 1 3 of features may appear in the system slow moving average. This system is highly inefficient, as it compensates for $50 for every lost $50, excluding Commission payments for the three transactions was a single win is $2000, and two loss, amounting to $2000).

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