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Many believe that the Forex trading game. This is partly true, but unlike the game of Forex trading is a real opportunity to earn a living. Investments in the currency market do not require deep mathematical knowledge, but in Analytics trader should understand. One of the most important abilities - the ability to interpret the news.

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Our dealing center has over activities in the international currency market and gives the possibility to earn on sale of currency for both experienced and novice traders (Forex traders). Forecasts of leading analysts of the market, and, including trading robots and signals enable traders in their work.

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I'll try to describe one after another stage, which goes a trader in the period of training and experience. Of course, this is my opinion, how many people, are so much and opinions. Some traders miss some stage, or start with a better understanding of the basics, or they are so lucky that they start out with good teachers.

And yet, many having a similar experience can be useful to compare himself with these stages.

I. Beginner
The Market seems to him mysterious mystery. He sincerely thinks that there are some simple secrets known to experienced traders, and if he manage to learn those secrets or get guidance from a "professional", he may succeed. He believes that there are some mysterious THEY that move the market in a certain direction. He must outwit THEM, or avoid THEM traps, or to guess what THEY do to move with them. He looks for indications of "hot" peaks. Asks questions like " Where XYZ is expected to move? "

Believes that if a share on good news is going down this manipulation of Market Makers. Thinks that if he finds a good news, action should go up. Excited with every tick of his way and is easy to find a justification for each tick, which went against him, and ignores such a development of events. Not receiving the order execution accuses broker. Suffers horrendous damage on a single trade, when the pain becomes unbearable, because it can't force myself to take a small loss. The value of its portfolio makes a huge fluctuations of up to $ 5,000, then down to $ 10,000.

He buys stocks for quick scalp, but if the stock goes against him, he finishes reading the forms SEс, message boards, analyzing фундаментал on the action and making sure that it is a big investment. He buys everything that moves and that is mentioned, holds a lot of shares in the portfolio is also not generating income. Easily passes from excitation дейтрэйдинга to boredom investment. Tries to take revenge after the loss. Several losses one after another make him fearful and timid. Counting the money he made, he immediately makes a projection of earnings at a one-month period and year.

II. Beginner gathered some experience
He learned that the shares are not moving straight up or down. Understands the concept of kickbacks and дрожаний. No longer buys everything that is available. Tries to study routing order. THEY still exist, but no longer are in the nature of mystery and ceased to scare him.

He uses some elements of risk management, although still in many transactions falls in matters of placing stop orders. Still looking for peaks and tips, but more selective. The books he reads, and traders who interact with, to persuade him that trade is hard work and difficult task. The value of the portfolio was jumping up and down every day, but some single loss is still unpleasant and significantly hit him. He listens to traders with different approaches and tries to find the one with whom it will be comfortable.

III. Trader
It is much more skeptical regarding the peaks, directions and news. He understands that the reaction of traders is not easy and not always easy to predict its. So, he decided that he would have to react to what's going on, what to predict what will happen. Learns the rules tape read (and/or charts, technical analysis). He no longer accuses Market Makers in the manipulation. If the stock goes against him - he considers his position wrong and out without much thought. Non-triggered feet are rare events. No more mysterious THEM - there is supply and demand. He understands that he has to read the market and come up with it than fight it or try to outwit him.

His confidence in the success increases. The value of the portfolio slowly goes up, without sharp falling. There are several strategies that he likes that he understands and uses. Routing orders does not bring too much of a hassle. When the market changes its behavior, it becomes a hostage of its own attempts to trade on this market using non-performing models and while losing confidence.

IV. Seasoned experience trader
Absolutely confident in your ability to make money trading. Can foresee the majority of events, because he understands how the traders. Can easily notice when things go wrong, and leaves immediately. The deal holds without emotion, mechanically. Thinking clearly, not upset loss and profit is not encouraging. Not accuse someone or something, when loses. Has a loss, larger than usual, only when there is something completely unexpected, and approaches to them philosophically.

Remembers a lot of ordinary and extraordinary cases on the market and can be easily identified and compared to the previous any event. When he feels the possibility of making a deal automatically. Routing orders is done without thinking. First assesses risk, and never will be over head and ears in a deal with risk, greater than he admits. Its activity corresponds to the activity of market - it is not subject to вынуждению. Reads the current information regarding the market statements almost every day of exploring something new. Portfolio size has been steadily going up, slowing down or откатываясь a bit ago when the market changes.

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