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Many believe that the Forex trading game. This is partly true, but unlike the game of Forex trading is a real opportunity to earn a living. Investments in the currency market do not require deep mathematical knowledge, but in Analytics trader should understand. One of the most important abilities - the ability to interpret the news.

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Our dealing center has over activities in the international currency market and gives the possibility to earn on sale of currency for both experienced and novice traders (Forex traders). Forecasts of leading analysts of the market, and, including trading robots and signals enable traders in their work.

The initial contribution that would be needed to get started in Forex (despite all the stories, wandering in the Network) is very small. First, you will have the opportunity to trade, to thoroughly examine all the rules and nuances of the market even without any investment (with the help of the demo account no Deposit or Forex accounts). In addition, the Forex market does not have to fear crises and sharp falls. Disaster that make of the enterprising and intelligent millionaire bankrupt, peculiar only to the stock market.
The tools and concepts
Before You are going to develop a trading plan, you must have the necessary tools. The process itself is difficult, so difficult to find a good Advisor is how to create an effective plan for trade. It is important that You approach the task of creating a plan in an organized and systematic way. Part of this organization must be prepared before You begin the process.

You must have a good understanding of their identity, especially your strengths and weaknesses as a trader.

a Lot of novice traders rush to write off this requirement, arguing that they are very well aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and that it is not so necessary, as is underlined here. But this is very important because you need this information to configure your plan trading so that you can more easily manage the transactions. It is very difficult to achieve this understanding alone. Although this field can be very helpful exercise in self-awareness and meditation is very difficult to estimate the color of something, if You look through colored glass. One of the most effective and quickest ways of obtaining effective understanding your personality is to get an assessment of the professional trader.

highly recommended to get a professionally informed assessment in addition to the exercise by consciousness and meditation focused on your trading. This is the most important aspect of the preparation for creating a trading plan.

You should also make sure that You have access to a reliable source of data, from which you can recover all the available historical data, to ticks. You can get it from any good trading platform. Better in those through which You can trade directly in the ECN. Through this platform You will also get a good graphic tools that are needed in the development process of your trading plan.

Finally, You need to have your own diary trade. It is recommended to use one that has already taken root on your computer. Avoid writing by hand, because it can make the following analysis and can lead to errors.

Analysis of its features.
No need to hurry move on to real development of your trading plan, you should focus on the analysis and understanding of your personality in trading. This is important because the process details and specific features of your trading plan will depend on this information.

the Goal will be to increase the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses related to trading. Presence of a sufficient level of understanding will mean that You know their abilities to risk management, see how You react in tense situations, you know that what your emotions control you see, regardless whether Your thinking or You can easily fall under the influence of external sources. You will also need to know how much You believe in yourself, and so on.

This information should be used to decide how to design the plan. Well, if it maximally boost your energy and protect you from all your weaknesses. In fact, Your success depends on your trading plan that is configured on your personality, and You should also separately to work on your trade skills, hone their power and correct the weaknesses.

for Example, You may find that for some reason паникуете in tense situations, what makes You include in an obviously bad deals and perhaps even out of the good. To cope with this, you should include some personal rule in its plan of trade. You can create, for example, a rule that will require You to wait for 2 or 5 minutes after the decision was taken before the deal. You can even have a quick checklist to verify that You are not in a panic state.

Keep in mind that it is usually individuality trading mirrored and in your trading plan - of all the weaknesses of prejudice are promoted. The process of analysis and understanding of their specific features of trafficking will allow You to deliberately stay away from it all.

a Combination of methods.
If You are well prepared for the establishment of a trading plan, it is time to start to develop the mechanics of the plan or set of plans.

after reviewing existing methods and systems, You will no doubt find some suitable personally for You. If You have already created and explored their variations, the development process has begun.

Now you should join what You think profitable aspects of your favorite techniques and options that You come up with. As a combination of methods, make sure that You don't create conflicts within the system - for example, a model can have more than one value or signal. In such cases, you should find out what factors lead to a conflict and or eliminate them or add a new rule to a method, which blocks the conflict.

One of the main difficulties for traders at this stage is the lack of confidence of our abilities. You need to be confident.

Many traders try to invent ways of assessing quality models rates and include this in your plan as "a point of consideration." Such an approach should stay away. One of the reasons for the completion of this process is to reduce errors due to the decisions at the last minute. You should be able to qualitatively assess the market. If You can't find a quantitative method that gives the same information, throw it out of your plan.

as The process You will find that regardless of how many methods You combine or use, You will never achieve perfection - there will always be many unknown factors that are shaping the future uncertain. This is to be expected. Reflection on the concepts of probability and enable statistics in your methods will help solve the problem. If You have not previously dealt with these topics, highly recommended to learn more about them.

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