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3. The psychology of a trader

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Many believe that the Forex trading game. This is partly true, but unlike the game of Forex trading is a real opportunity to earn a living. Investments in the currency market do not require deep mathematical knowledge, but in Analytics trader should understand. One of the most important abilities - the ability to interpret the news.

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Our dealing center has over activities in the international currency market and gives the possibility to earn on sale of currency for both experienced and novice traders (Forex traders). Forecasts of leading analysts of the market, and, including trading robots and signals enable traders in their work.

The initial contribution that would be needed to get started in Forex (despite all the stories, wandering in the Network) is very small. First, you will have the opportunity to trade, to thoroughly examine all the rules and nuances of the market even without any investment (with the help of the demo account no Deposit or Forex accounts). In addition, the Forex market does not have to fear crises and sharp falls. Disaster that make of the enterprising and intelligent millionaire bankrupt, peculiar only to the stock market.
Such qualities, as calmness and restraint even very important to your success in trading. You probably already realized that we needed to be free from the influence of emotions while trading. Very few traders finds that they have this ability from nature or they can easily reach this state. Understanding this will help you to develop effective methods to help achieve balance.

For most people naturally emotionally respond to the actions and events in which they notice some pressure or stress. This phenomenon is watching each with its first transactions, regardless of whether he knows about the problems of trading or simply reacts emotionally to trading results. He may learn to "hide" your emotional reaction to a certain extent, but if he is not inclined by nature to think without emotion, it will react emotionally and it will be seen in its subsequent trade.

the Basic emotional reactions to the results of trade is a sense of joy when there is a profit and pain, when there is a loss. "The results of" undone trade can bring emotional reactions, joy or pain, depending on how the trader looks missed or losing deal. In General, as a trader accumulates experience, emotional affects the results of trade softer or Mature. Beginners, however, they can put on a long and painful path loss.

One of the most interesting and intuitive points of traders, who are influenced by their emotions - that very often these traders trade not in favor of the activity or decision-making. Instead, they sell for money, and perhaps even for the sake of prestige in the society. So, the more a trader feels the emotions of joy and pain and associates them with clear events of creating income and loss of money, respectively, less he relates this with trading.

Many of the successful and experienced currently traders initially go through a stage where there were deficiencies in the activity itself, but was present concern with the additional benefits of trading (income and prestige). They passed this stage, to achieve success. The more trades you make, deliberately preventing the emotions, the closer you come to the achievement of balance.

Many people think that the best way to deal with unacceptable ideas - to pretend that they are inappropriate and irrelevant. It seems that it is easier not to notice unpleasant or unacceptable, than to admit it. But, ironically, the denial consumes precious psychological resources. Trading is difficult and it is important to fully mobilize the limited psychological energy, all, what is, and focus it on the trade.

the Conscious or unconscious deviation of thoughts and ideas that hard to accept interferes with your ability to maintain concentration and unobstructed view of the market with an objective point of view. One of the best ways to release the psychological energy is simply to recognize all possible ideas that you find difficult to accept. Some of this will be enough: Recognize the nasty idea, be aware of the probable truth, accept it and go on. For others it is a little difficult. They should write the idea, write down examples of where the idea could prove their truth, and the reasons to move on, despite the truthfulness of ideas. But, no matter how you insisted on its ability to recognize unacceptable and continue the process would only after you review the ideas that find the most unacceptable. Let's examine some possible examples. A novice trader thinks: "Perhaps I'm not too skilled trader. But I'm already on the path to success..." For beginners traders early success can replace the need for hard study. Most likely, the luck will be temporary, and a lack of experience, ultimately, will play a trick on him. If you feel that this statement is true for you, even a little, we have to accept it. Why not admit the possibility of its limitations? Pretending expertise, which in fact is not, you will squander their limited psychological energy, closing their eyes to the restrictions. This is the most passive approach, only intensifies the stress of trading.

You'll want to spend more psychological energy, trying to reject unwanted opportunity, instead of effectively use their limited energy. And, if you trade without the necessary skills, you may also spend a lot of money. It would be better wise use of your time, gaining experience and honing my skills so that trade without contradictions. The correct thought will be: "can I prepare myself for hours, but I can be wrong This difficult to accept. Many traders are making intensive efforts in the study of trading and, nevertheless, they are wrong. This is a hard decision, because, logically, the next thought will be: "If trade is so hard, why should I?" It is crucial to recognize that thought, agreeing with her, to go his own way."Perhaps I was a good trader, but market conditions have changed and I don't seem able to keep my reputation." There is an opinion that each trader needs to maintain its reputation. When someone makes a высокоприбыльную deal, it's tempting to tell the neighbors and friends how well it works. Well, when you get a large profit, but such behavior is often the fall of even the most astute trader. Again, not recognizing their need for glory, or pretending that you can maintain unreal reputation - you expend your psychological energy and create interference with his ability to concentrate. Huge profits love modest, so try not worrying too much about reputation.

There are a fact which traders are constantly fighting is the view that, "trading is not real work." Many traders are fighting for the legitimacy of the trade. Some people simply remind ourselves - "trading provides liquidity and helps to control rates." Others, however, think that this is not enough and need to find more importance in their daily trading operations. For example, they may focus on how the trading helps them to maintain a family, or perhaps a plan to donate a portion of their income to charity. Do not reject a possible truth of such thoughts. It is better to acknowledge them and work with them, and only then to go further. The denial of their existence, on the other hand, will require time and energy.

Unacceptable beliefs are hiding on the dark side of your mind. They secretly remain there, but, seizing the moment, can greatly affect your views. So recognize missed ideas, and as soon as you make possible вескость such thoughts, you нейтрализуете their potential impact. This will free the limited psychological resources and will allow you to profitably focus all your energy on trade.

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